Therapist and Therapy


Therapist and TherapyTherapist and Therapy

Therapy and therapists come in a variety of contexts. On this website we will discuss the major types of mental health therapy.

What is the meaning of a Therapist and Therapy?

Therapy, or treatment, in the general sense is the remediation of a health problem. In the context of this website, the term 'therapy" is defined as an attempted remediation of a mental health related problem. A therapist is the person providing the treatment, help or remediation.

Therapy can be practiced by a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, other mental health professionals, minister (pastoral counselor) or a lay person (a person without specific education, training, or credentials).  Before entering into any therapeutic program, you should carefully check out the therapists credentials and experience.

Several of the most commonly thought about mental health therapies are listed below and each is linked to more information regarding the specific treatment.

behavioral therapy
biofeedback therapy
cognitive therapy
electroconvulsive therapy
family therapy
reality therapy
neuro-Linguistic programming therapy
psychoanalytic therapy
gestalt therapy
group therapy
sex therapy
shock therapy

Types of Psychotherapy

In order to demonstrate the variety of psychological therapies that abound, below is a list of  "psychotherapies".  Included are some approaches that may not call themselves a psychotherapy but reportedly have a similar aim of improving mental health and well being through talk and other means of communication. 

Please note that Inclusion on this list has nothing to do with the reliability or validly of the treatment approach.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Adlerian therapy
Analytical psychology
Art Therapy
Autogenic training
Behavior therapy
Biodynamic psychotherapy
Bioenergetic analysis
Bionomic psychotherapy
Body Mind Psychotherapy
Body-Oriented Psychotherapy
Body psychotherapy
Brief therapy
Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy
Client-centered psychotherapy/counseling
Cognitive analytic psychotherapy
Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy
Concentrative movement therapy
Contemplative Psychotherapy
Conversational Model (The)
Core Energetics
Core process psychotherapy
Daseins analytic psychotherapy
Dance therapy
Depth Psychology
Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy
Dialectical behavior therapy
Drama therapy
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Encounter groups
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Existential therapy
Expressive therapy
Family systems therapy
Feminist therapy
Freudian psychotherapy
Gestalt therapy
Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy
Group therapy
Holotropic Breathwork
Humanistic psychology
Human givens psychotherapy
IBP Integrative Body Psychotherapy
Integrative Psychotherapy
Internal Family Systems Model
Interpersonal therapy
Jungian psychotherapy
Lifespan Integration
Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Method of Levels (MOL)
The Moving Cycle
Multicultural Counseling and Therapy (MCT)
Multimodal Therapy
Music therapy
Narrative Therapy
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
Object relations theory
Pastoral counseling/therapy
Personal construct psychology (PCP)
Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP)
Play therapy
Positive psychotherapy
Postural Integration
Primal integration
Primal therapy
Process Oriented Psychology
Provocative Therapy
Psychedelic psychotherapy
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Psychological astrology
Psycho-organic analysis
Psychosystems Analysis
Pulsing (bodywork)
Radix therapy
Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)
Re-evaluation Counseling
Relational-Cultural Therapy
Relationship Counseling
Reality therapy
Reichian psychotherapy
Person-centred (or Rogerian) psychotherapy
Rubenfeld Synergy
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Social Therapy
Solution focused brief therapy
Somatic Psychology
Sophia analysis
Self Relationship (or Sponsorship)
Systemic Therapy
Systematic desensitization
SHEN Therapy
T Groups
Thought Field Therapy
Transactional analysis (TA)
Transpersonal psychology
Twelve-step programs
Unitive Psychotherapy

Would You Like Personal Assistance?

If you really want help dealing with your feelings and emotions, changing your behavior, and improving your life and the approach and office hours of typical therapists and counselors do not fit your life style or personal needs, I may have a solution.

By using very flexible office appointments, telephone consultations, email, teleconferences, and the willingness to travel and meet with you personally in your home, office, or other location,  I can be available to help you anytime and anywhere.

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Therapist and TherapyTherapist and Therapy